Buzzpro’s Take On: “Social Media in Plain English” by Common Craft

How can Social Media Reform Your Marketing Strategies? How can your brand improve using social media? How do consumers participate when your products change? How can your target audience find your products and services? Watch this four-minute video by Common Craft: “Social Media in Plain English.” As you watch, be thinking about the above questions.

 Say Goodbye to Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has become a very expensive, old-school proposition. The traditional ice cream factory was forced to produce only the three major ice cream flavors to retain profit margins. They couldn’t both produce and advertise specialty ice cream flavors and still be wisely spending their marketing dollars. The ice cream factory would fail to achieve the needed sales to pay for their advertising investment.

 Say Hello to Consumer Interaction

So, what is happening today that was not happening yesterday? Now there’s a two-way conversation taking place—a conversation between both brand and consumer. Ultimately, this dialogue improves products and services through direct customer feedback and customer interaction. But conversations also take place between consumers. So, now more than ever before, it’s easier for customers to communicate with each other and discuss you and your company, as well as your products and services.

Only 14% of consumers believe a brand’s marketing message when they hear or see it. That is, only 14% of consumers believe what we say about our products and services. This number is low because consumers today are more likely to act upon feedback (opinions and views) from fellow consumers rather than standard, offline marketing messages. Consumers rely on other consumers—people just like them—before they commit to buy.

Think about the way we shop on or eBay. Consumers typically read customer reviews before making a purchase. Target audiences now rely on each other during the decision-making process.

 Who’s Doing It Right?

Best Buy gets it. Best Buy uses social media marketing very effectively. They discovered that their customers were conversing with each other, and they listened to what consumers were saying about their products. So, Best Buy adopted—and now embraces—social media in a big way to help educate potential customers and turn site visitors not only into consumers, but also into one-day evangelists—believers in their products and services who openly promote their brand online to the world.

12 comments on “Buzzpro’s Take On: “Social Media in Plain English” by Common Craft

  1. Great post Terry! Those are great questions to focus on. Building your online ‘brand’, in my opinion, is one of the challenges that we, as solo business owners, struggle with. Where do we see our business in five years and do we take that into consideration when building our ‘brand’?
    Thankfully, there are social media experts, such as yourself, sharing your knowledge.

    • Hi Fatima. Thank you for your feedback on my blog. I’m so excited about my launch.

      Concerning your question on 5 years… I think we will see social media marketing play a even larger role in our lives and business. I also see more employees leaving the corporate world to become consultants, so there will be a ton of opportunities for us all.

      Have a wonderful Holiday! Terry

  2. David Rawles on said:

    Great piece of wisdom. Thanks for all you do to help us become better marketeers! Great launch of your blog.

  3. Tom Rochford on said:

    An interesting video Terry.

    If you look at it and say why did this information explosion about ice take place you’d say that the small ice cream vendor had an easy and fairly direct way to share information. It was critical to their long-term success (however defined) yet the data needed by consumers was in a central location and took only the basic skill of reading to know how to use that information.

    The difference in social media is that everyone is using it; Big & Small ; New & Old; Branded & Non-Branded. Therefore there is more clutter to breakthrough. Social media has begun to address the clutter issue but even the objectives of the social media outlets is in its development stage. Most are really only doing something to make money and not to elevate their customers.

    I believe more than before but more has to be shared about how a platform will truly monetize the full value. It begins with customers and talking with them; face-to-face perhaps to learn what we want – not what they want to give.

    • Thanks for you comments Tom. I really like this video, and I believe it has a great message… the times are a changing…

      Happy Holidays. Please call me when you get back from your vacation..

      Best regards,


  4. Thanks Terry! You are a true leader in social media! I always turn to with questions. It is a great video. The platform is in place for most but learning how to navigate the staircase is always a challenge. Please keep posting videos, suggestions and steps to take.

    May your New Year be blessed with joy and happiness! Diane Bogut Author, Time for a Fresh One pen Lexi Michaels

    • Thanks for your thoughts and comments on my blog, Diane. You are an excellent writing and author, so I greatly appreciate your motivational words. I too love videos, and will always work hard to create great content, photos and videos.

      I so appreciate your help and influence with my social media marketing.

      Happy New Years Diane!

      Best regard, Terry

  5. T_T – I searched and found it. Thanks for the post. Martin Logan

  6. Terry, your site looks great! Love that little video. What a great analogy. And fun too!

    Much success to you!

    • THank you so much for you compliments on my new blog, Louise. I still have a long ways to go, but I am making progress. It’s amazing the amount of work that is required to create it, then keep it up, but I am really enjoying it! Best regards, Terry

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