Make Social Media Marketing Your Opportunity for Real Growth

Social media is quickly spreading, with usage growing more in the last 12 months than all previous years combined—it’s absolutely exploding! And the good news for you, as a business leader, is that now is the perfect time to jump on board.  

Social media is not a fad—and it’s not a sensation destined to be popular today, and then gone tomorrow.[Continue Reading...]

Take Your LinkedIn Online Discussion Offline

Are viewers of your LinkedIn profile able to easily identify your personal, professional brand? Are you giving those viewing your profile a reason to connect and do business with you? In this article, I will show you the top five “must do” strategies to help you have a well-established brand on LinkedIn.[Continue Reading...]

Buzzpro’s Take On: “Social Media in Plain English” by Common Craft

How can Social Media Reform Your Marketing Strategies? How can your brand improve using social media? How do consumers participate when your products change? How can your target audience find your products and services? Watch this four-minute video by Common Craft: “Social Media in Plain English.” As you watch, be thinking about the above questions.[Continue Reading...]